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About HR Spectacles

HR Spectacles is the first full-service HR consulting firm that helps businesses transform their HR by leveraging HR technology and expertise. We help businesses take the digital leap towards automation and outsourcing.
HR Spectacles is a one-stop shop for all your HR needs! By outsourcing the work to a team of HR professionals, you can rest easily knowing that your organization would be compliant with the latest labor regulations. Reap the benefits of a dedicated team, focused on consistently implementing employment policies across your organization. Having a third party composed of HR experts not only helps to streamline your HR processes, but also allows you to take a step back with the peace of mind that all processes from onboarding, disciplinary action, employee relations, performance review, HR documentation, and offboarding are managed closely on a day-to-day basis. Depending on the size of your organization, you can observe the changes in your work culture over time, which then allows you to enjoy a healthy relationship with your employees, leading to higher retention and rapid business growth.

At the end of the day, what we stand for is looking out for the employee experience. We firmly believe that treating our employees with the highest respect, care, and support drives harmony in the workplace and unites everyone to a common goal.

When working with the people around us, each member of our team strives to express ourselves, guided by these core values:

  • Client Centric
  • Leverage Technology
  • Tailored Approach
  • Simplified Solutions
  • Effective Communication
  • Organizational Empathy
Outsourcing HR services can streamline significant HR activities such as compliance, payroll administration, and employee management. When companies outsource their HR services through HR Spectacles, they get to control more of their time to focus on profits and growing their businesses! What’s more? HR Spectacles brings in a team of HR and legal experts committed to solving your problems and would take charge in establishing the best culture for your employees to thrive in.  Sit back and watch our team transform and take charge of your day-to-day HR operations!
As HR is an integral component of any business, the services of HR Spectacles were designed to support a variety of organizations from different parts of the world. HR Spectacles has worked with both local and international companies, as well as companies that intend to expand its operations to the Philippines.

Our Services

HR Spectacles provides an array of HR services including outsourced employee lifecycle management, workforce development, employee engagement, automated timekeeping and payroll, benefits management, policy creation, headhunting services, and other HR solutions.  With our dedicated team of HR professionals, all hands are on deck!  Is there a specific HR need that you want to address? Book a Free Consultation so we may help identify the right solution for you! Or, send us a message at hello@hrspectacles.com.

Depending on the type of service engagement you choose, the terms of payments can range from monthly or one-time fee payments.

As we love to build long-term client partnerships, our core services of outsourced employee management (HRCR) and outsourced payroll process (HRMS) are based on a monthly retainer fee.

Book a Free Consultation so we may help identify the right solution for you!

One size does not fit all! If you have specific HR issues that you want to address, let us help you identify your pain points and build a customized solution just for you.

On a specific HR project basis, we have previously worked with organizations with varying sizes, from tens to thousands of employees, each with unique project scope requirements.

Short-term project engagements include employee handbook creation, HR documentation requirements, and employee surveys. Longer-term project engagements include HR audit, performance management implementation, and disciplinary action procedure consultation.

Get in touch with us at hello@hrspectacles.com or by clicking this link to begin the conversation!

To manage your employees and secure compliance, it is important to establish a set of company policies that would govern the way you employ and manage individuals in your organization.  Having to think of your own rules and regulations can be quite a daunting and time-consuming task! HR Spectacles can certainly help you with that. Our team of HR and Legal professionals can develop a tailor-made employee handbook that encompasses your organization’s identity, structure, and culture.

HR Spectacles applies both preventive and reactionary mechanisms to ensure that your organization is compliant with the latest Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) regulations and government mandates. 

As our team is equipped with legal partners, we are able to help you navigate the complexities of managing labor processes within the SENA, NLRC, and other branches of government.

A strong company culture cannot be created overnight. Allow us to strengthen your employee engagement and unite your team towards a common goal by conducting creative engagement activities for your team throughout the year!

HR Spectacles recognizes the importance of establishing a cohesive culture that places value towards a healthy lifestyle and everyone’s mental well-being.

Have you ever experienced the difficulty of writing and serving a pile of memos? Let us be honest, while you may know exactly what to write, do you ever get these done on time?

With the help of HR Spectacles, you can outsource the headache of your disciplinary action procedures to our team of HR experts to ensure that all your documents are written within the day, and processes are being implemented immediately to ensure maximum efficiency.

Our web-based HR Management System comes with a timekeeping app called Timeruler. Timeruler allows your employees to manage their log-ins and log-outs through their unique credentials. This timekeeping app is packed with one of a kind features such as facial recognition, geo-tagging abilities, and real-time attendance updates. Your team can reap the benefits of logging in and out anytime, anywhere!

Are you open to outsourcing this headache? HR Spectacles can take care of your end-to-end payroll cycle management!

By subscribing to our own digital HR Management System (HRMS), which includes our automated timekeeping and payroll system, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of generating 100% payroll accuracy.

Best of all? You have a dedicated team of payroll masters at your beck and call! Aside from regular payroll computations, should you need specialized reports, all you need is to send in a request!

Our HRMS comes with a timekeeping app, built-in payroll system, Client Dashboard (i.e., for managers to approve of employment related filings), Employee Self-Service (i.e., for employees to apply their employment related filings, as well as view their own information including their payslips).

Clients who have used our system have had a great experience in cutting down the time from their manual and paper processes. There is also a great deal of convenience in knowing that all of your data is in one place!

Aren’t you tired of spending your time catering to administrative requests? With our web-based HRMS, employees and employers can easily access important documents such as their payslips, certificate of employment, loan contributions, and much more! You will be amazed with how fast you can generate these documents anytime and anywhere!
Our comprehensive headhunting process includes all the necessary steps to acquire top talents for your team. Our pricing for this service is a one-time fee based on each successful hire acquired for your organization.

Yes! Leave the tedious work of negotiating with candidates to us. HR Spectacles can assist you with creating a fair package and facilitate offer negotiations on your behalf.

Our Client Processes

Let us help you grow your business! Talk to us to assess your HR challenges and the areas that need strengthening. Don’t worry! We will not charge you for the HR Consultation, we simply want to get to know you better and identify exactly how we can help at this time.  Get in touch with us by completing this form We are excited to hear from you!

To experience the unique features of our digital HR Management System, you can click this link. We would be happy to schedule a meeting at a time of your convenience, to walk you through our system features via a live demo.

As we cater to a wide variety of HR services, it would be best to connect with your team via a call first to understand the nature of your requirements and determine the specific scope of solutions we would be able to provide to your organization.

From there, we can create a service proposal to best suit your needs.

Begin your transformative HR journey by clicking this link or by emailing us at hello@hrspectacles.com.

Depending on the type of services you plan to engage with us, the fees may vary from monthly retainer fees, one-time fees, and other customized pricing plans.

Talk to us now to learn about the various services and pricing plans! Click this link to get started!

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