HR Consultancy Retainer

What is HR Consultancy Retainer?

As dedicated HR professionals, we will thoroughly guide you on your day-to-day concerns with employee relations, performance management, workforce development, and other HR-related areas.

Outsource the stress of

managing HR

What It Includes:

Employee Lifecycle

We got you covered from onboarding to offboarding.

Policy Creation

We can help create or modify your employee handbooks and company policies to not only reflect fair working conditions, but also foster a great company culture that would attract top quality talent.

Employee Handbook

Outsource the complexities of implementing company-wide policies to achieve your organizational goals and maintain compliance.

Automated HR

Our automated process can replace the need for paper documents that can easily get lost or mishandled.

Disciplinary Action

Let us help you prevent liabilities by properly managing disciplinary action procedures across your teams.

Management System

Enable employees to bring their best self to work by tracking their progress using 360 Feedback and other comprehensive methods.


Easily identify the pulse of your employees and the key areas that need strengthening by outsourcing your employee surveys.


Engaged employees are the key to workforce retention, as they go beyond expectations with aspirations to transcend organizations.

Handling Employee

Treat us as professionals that will actively listen to your employees’ concerns and act as a cushion to absorb their problems.

Why It's Important

Enhancing the employee lifecycle is vital in managing the day-to-day concerns of the employees. With our simplified approach, we can support your employee’s journey towards success. Outsource your employee management processes today!

Revamp Your Company Policy

It is important to establish a set of company policies to act as a guideline for managing employees and securing compliance. Having to think of your own rules and regulations can be quite a daunting and time-consuming task. With our team of HR and Legal professionals, we can help develop a tailor-made employee handbook that encompasses your organization's identity.

To Strengthen Your Organizational Bond

A strong company culture could not be created overnight. Allow us to strengthen your employee engagement and unite your team towards a common goal.

Forget the Stress of Implementing Disciplinary Actions

Have you ever experienced the difficulty of writing and serving a pile of memos? Let us be honest, do you ever get these done on time? With our service, you can outsource the headache of your disciplinary action procedures to our team of HR experts and ensure that all your processes are compliant with the latest labor regulations.

To Adhere To Government Policies & Regulations

Don't have a legal representative for your organization? Do you always second guess whether your processes are compliant? Worry no more! With a team of experts who work hand-in-hand with DOLE, we can help solidify your HR policies and procedures to ensure maximum compliance with labor laws.

How It Works

Step 1: Get in Touch!

Our dedicated team of HR professionals will be happy to assist you. Start by scheduling an Exploratory Meeting with us through contacting hello@hrspectacles.com or by filling out the form below.

Step 2: Identify Organizational Needs

We'll begin by understanding your organization in terms of your value proposition, organizational hierarchy, and company culture. We will also take a look at the ways you conduct your current HR processes and identify areas that need to be addressed.

Step 3: Design a Bespoke Proposal

After carefully examining your organizational needs, we will curate a tailor-fit proposal to address the key areas of concern. Depending on your specific needs, we can engage with you on short-term projects, or establish long-term partnerships.

Step 4: Embark on your transformative HR Journey!

Once we have determined the scope of work to be performed, you are now ready for your transformation! Allow HR Spectacles to help you reach your maximum potential and grow your business with our cutting-edge technology, dedicated HR partners, strategic solutions, and unwavering HR expertise.

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    Other Solutions We Offer

    Human Resource Management System

    Streamline your operations by outsourcing your payroll to our experienced team of HR professionals and utilize our web-based HRMS to ensure maximum efficiency.


    Allow us to handle your company’s hiring process with the help of a team of experienced recruiters fully equipped to find talents that are tailor fit for your organization.

    Human Resource Project Consultancy

    We also work with different organizations on specific aspects of their operations such as policy creation, labor case representation, performance management (KPI metrics), and other bespoke services.